Our first game ! Developped in 2 weeks for angrysmile's Beginners Circle Jam #3.
Little puzzle game mixed with some management mechanics. Fully playable with mouse only.

Press the "M" key to mute sounds and music.

Gamedesign and Programming by Abytron, Bananaman and Cyanael
Artwork by Abytron
Voice lines by Bananaman and Valhanya
Sound Design by Abytron and Bananaman
THE MUSE : Jezal
Music : AcidJazz by Kevin Macleod


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Didn't expect to laugh when I read puzzle game.. lol

Nice game! Worth playing a few more times to see customer's different reactions :D

That is such a fun game! I had a good laugh at every single customer! Art is good too! Great Job!

I really liked the visuals! The validate button covered up a planet once, but other than that this was really solid.

Very fun concept and great visuals. I also love how much detail you guys put into this. Only downside is that there are too few levels at this point, maybe youll find time for an update after this jam.

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We will work on it... after some rest :) Thank you for the feedback.

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The alien was the best customer, when i gave him a bad planet he said "DIE!!" i was laughing a lot!

Btw, great job! keep going on this, maybe you can even put this on steam one day. Who knows?

One of the few games where I got to the end without scratching my head at some point, asking myself what is probably expected from me. Good pacing and effective communication of what my options are and how to proceed.

The only (minor) inconvinience I had with the design was that I couldn't identify at a glance which type of atmosphere all the planets had.

But aside from that, this is an exceptionally round and enjoyable experience, really great job you guys! (:

This is cute little management-puzzler! Simple to understand, clear presentation and effective delivery. If you ever wondered what working for A.S.S. felt like. This is your ticket!

Who knew that being an intergalactic real-estate dealer could be so much fun? I'm in love with this game! Love the elevator music thing going on, really makes me feel like an office worker again, and love all the references! My only wish was that it was longer ;)

Thank you for your feedback, glad to read it, and happy you liked our game!

We might add content, if I find time and motivation to draw more of these aliens :D